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Exchange Online Protection

Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP), formerly Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE), is a cloud-based filtering and hosted e-mail security service that protects organizations from spam, malware, etc.

MS Exchange Online Protection is available by itself to protect on-premises mailboxes and in hybrid environments to protect on-premises Exchange mailboxes.

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Exchange Online Protection

EOP is a cloud-based email filter service that helps protect your organization against malware, and spam, include features to protect your organization from messaging policy violation like any user cannot send .exe file your organization. EOP provides malware filter, connection filter, Spam filter, outbound spam, Quarantine, features we will look at these protection features that are protected from spam and malware.

Malware is comprised of viruses and spyware. The virus affects other programs, data and spread throughout your system. Spyware refers to malware that collects your personal information like sign-in information or personal data that is sent back to the malware author.

Create a malware filter policy.

Go to Exchange admin center > Protection
Click Malware Filter, you have seen here default malware filter policy implement.
Create another malware policy Click + sign.
Enter the name of the policy.
Enter the policy description.
Choose malware detection Response, if malware detects, notify default text or custom to the exchange recipients.

You have chosen common attachment type filters on or off if you choose type filter like .ace that’s mean you got an email with attachment these types of filters this policy detect email attachment is malware that email stored in the quarantine. There are 96 types of filter file types available.

Another option Notification is available, you have notified an administrator for undelivered message attachment that sent from an internal or external sender. Add an admin email address.





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