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Exchange Online Kiosk

The thinking behind Kiosk licences is that they are aimed at users who need access to email (Exchange) and information (SharePont) but don’t necessarily sit at a fixed desk. Examples of users would be shift-based workers in a hot-desk environment, factory floor workers and really anyone else that doesn’t need the full functionality of a desktop or Office.

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Licensing Type


Licensing Term

Lifetime / One Time

Users Supported

Per User

Devices Supported

1 Device

Delivery Method

Digital Instant Delivery

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Exchange Online Kiosk

Exchange Online Kiosk cost significantly less than full Office 365 licences and are quite an attractive option for many organisations that want to provide their staff with occasional or lightweight access to company mail and information.

Office 365 allows customers to change their user licences on the spot, so there’s nothing to stop Kiosk users from being upgraded to full licences – especially as they won’t lose their data in the process. This allows customers to provide their staff with Office 365 functionality without having to pay the full price.Exchange Online Kiosk is a one-year subscription for one user. Please order one for every year for every user (for example, for two users for two years order 4). If you wish to order six or more licenses, please contact us for advice and quotations.

New Subscription, renewal or adding users?
This license can be used for:
a) the first year of a new subscription; or
b) the renewal of a current subscription*; or
c) adding a new user to your account (see below).
We will send detailed instructions with the delivery of your license.

System Requirements
Please check the most recent system requirements.

Adding users for Exchange Online Kiosk
When a new user is added, the 365 days from the license of the new user will be distributed over all users (the current ones + the new one). In this way the subscription for all users will have the same end date and can be renewed together.
Example: Two users have 350 days left on their subscription. A third user adds 365 days. First the new user takes 350 days to catch up with the old users, the remaining 15 days are equally divided over all three users. So the subscription for all three runs for 355 days and can be renewed at the same time.





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